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Schools are a great place for students to learn several academic and co-curricular skills. While these contribute to a holistic development of the child, several children remain oblivious of the professional world in choosing their specific career paths. At these transition stages, we bring career counselling and guidance to schools and assist students in schools to achieve their professional aspirations. For school students in Class 8, 9 and 10, we provide tailored psychometric tests to allow them a smooth transition to an appropriate stream of study in class 11 and 12. We supplement their performance in school with assessments of personality and cognitive ability to allow them to pick a stream that they will both enjoy and excel at.

In addition to this, our leading career counsellors provide tailored services to students finishing Class 12. At this stage, we consider students’ performance at school and weigh it in with their interests, preferences and aspirations. We also conduct psychometric tests aimed at this age cluster and consider all these variables to allow students to achieve their career goals. This is done by introducing them to the appropriate courses and degrees following Class 12 and to the process (including competitive exams) that will lead them to achieve their goals. We further help identify universities and colleges that would best fit their goals. In doing so, we help schools and students deal with the inevitable stress that accompanies the crucial career decisions made at this stage.

In addition to the above, we maintain an extensive alumni network platform through which schools and students can benefit. Our alumni can bring schools and students perspective on their career choices and give them industry insights that cannot be availed from pure education. They bring their experiences and learning to students so that they can gain from them. Their individual networks can further provide students with necessary resources to achieve their professional goals. Hence, schools can help students engage with alumni for furthering the career prospects of their students. When this is provided in addition to psychometric and aptitude tests, students are able to take note of not only their own preferences and compatibility to their field of study but also to those of others’ experiences in the specific field. They can take note of their individual strengths and weaknesses and match it to those of the professional field, provided by the alumni network.