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Student Visa New Zealand

New Zealand is a great study destination and has a relatively organized study Visa process. Visas in New Zealand take about eight weeks to be processed and hence, students are encouraged to apply early. For students opting to study in New Zealand for more than three months, a study Visa is required. Visas are provided to students in two ranges. One is below six months and the other above six months. This is applicable for students above 18 years of age.

Students paying their own fee can opt for a Fee Paying Student Visa. Students will have to pay the complete cost of their courses and enroll with the education provider. For this, students require proof of admission from a recognised university. Further, the student should show proof of having enough funds for both education and living costs for obtaining the above Visa. Students can use this Visa from three months to up to four years. Students have to study full time at the enrolled course but are permitted to work for up to 20 hours a week and full time during course holidays. If the student is above 18, they may live by themselves or may be subject to certain conditions like living with a parent or guardian if they are below the legal age of 18. In case of a Fee Paying Student Visa, applicants can apply for an extension of study duration or a Work Permit following the completion of their studies.

There also exists an Exchange Student Visa for students entering New Zealand as exchange students. In this case, the same requirements as above apply. However, following the completion of studies, students are allowed to apply for a tourist Visa and extend their stay only for a period of three months at a time. In addition to this, students can also opt for a Foreign Government Supported Student Visa. Students applying for this category must have been funded by a foreign government through loans, scholarships or the like and students must provide evidence of both enrollment at a recognized course in New Zealand and funding by the foreign government. Students can apply for an extension of study or for a Work Permit following the completion of the course.

Students can apply for the visa online. A valid passport, bank account details, letter of enrollment from the relevant university, relevant Visa fees for students and accompanying members, among other documents are necessary for application. Applicants can obtain relevant information for the visa process here. Further, career counselling services can ease the layered processes that involve identifying Visa categories, applying and obtaining the same.