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Classes 8 To 10

For a student between classes 8 to 10, the central question revolves around the stream of study that he or she will pick. This foundational decision is the first step in defining an enjoyable, successful career path. Children during these years are impressionable and absorb information from various sources, some of which may be unreliable. It is here that career counselling becomes extremely necessary to guide both children and parents towards the right career paths. This journey begins when students opt for the right subject stream for Class 11 and 12. In order to assist students in making the right choices, we incorporate psychometric tests into our guidance process. A psychometric test incorporates both physical and mental dimensions to study the personality and capability of students. These are aptitude tests that are aimed at assessing the overall compatibility between a student and a field of study. This is then weighed along with other factors like students and their parents’ career preferences and pay scale variations to lead students to lead students toward the right career path. Further, students between Class 8 and 10 are at an appropriate age for the test to be conducted as they have acquired ample formative skills that can be assessed. This process is a lengthy one and requires skilled professionals for it to be conducted efficiently. Hence, our leading career counsellors provide such professional guidance in addition to customized, personalised support to each student at this stage. We help you achieve the following.

  • In planning a career that interests you and is compatible with your capabilities.
  • In furthering your aspirations by building clarity of our intentions
  • In discovering your key traits and professional strengths
  • In applying these strengths to the relevant stream of study
  • In choosing a foundational, preliminary career path at an early stage

In planning early activities that will advance your career prospects.

We serve as the best Career Counselor for 8 to 10 Class Students