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About Us

At Careeanomics, we bring together a team of skilled experts that assist students in scaling new heights in their professional lives. With more than twenty-two years of experience in the field of career counselling, we have proudly brought students and mid-career professionals closer to fulfilling their career goals. Our team takes great care to keep constantly updated on every little development in the education world. In doing this, we aim to transform the education system to one that simultaneously prioritizes students’ professional success and happiness. To achieve this goal, our mentors work with students, teachers and counsellors.

For our students, we provide counselling and guidance options that extend to studies in India and abroad. In addition to this, our range of expertise has helped us design and use functional examinations to assess students’ capabilities. These are taken into account in addition to students’ personal interests to lead them towards a happy and successful career path. Through consistent study abroad counselling, our team has immersed itself in taking students to new study destinations that shape their academic and life skills. From assessing students’ capabilities to helping them explore the complex education system in countries like the USA, UK and Australia, we bring students a holistic study experience. To date, we have assisted more than 2400 students from IITs and other institutions across India in securing admission to prestigious American and Canadian Universities. Our leading career counsellors assist students through the lengthy and complex application and Visa processes. In doing so, students grasp new cultural perspectives and transform their personal and professional lives.

As for our teachers, we train them in internationally acknowledged teaching methods. Through our innovative pedagogical methods, we also train teachers to bring modern teaching to the classroom. We extend our services to counsellors who are trained to better mentor students in achieving their life goals. Finally, we believe that the academic and technological industries are deeply intertwined. Hence, in this increasingly digital age, our team has chosen to harness the great advantages of technology. With this in mind, we make provisions for universities, tutoring and test-prep companies and corporations to launch innovative modern digital solutions within the educational system. Our services are hence tailored to create successful and happy professionals who have gained much from a generous education system.


At Careeanomics, we envision an educational system that brings students’ interests and capabilities together to make for fulfilling, successful careers. To achieve this, we bring career counselling and guidance services to assist students and their parents in achieving their academic and professional goals. We extend our services to students who prefer both the Indian education system and those that find options abroad attractive. With a diverse range of services, we aim at identifying the right opportunities for students and professionals who opt for our services.


We aim at navigating the complex and dynamic world of education to bring students closer to their chosen career paths. Our aim is to create and nurture great minds across the globe.Our services give them sky of their dreams to realising their full potential and find a perfect career match through tools that we have specifically employed for the same. Through counselling and psychometric tests, we give them clear vision to their professional lives. Our aim is not simply to lead students to successful careers but also to happier lives. Our work with mid-career professionals is aimed at the same. By navigating admission processes in India and abroad, we aim at introducing each client to multiple fruitful opportunities.

What We do

At Careeanomics, we provide unbiased, equal-opportunity career counselling and guidance to all students who opt to avail our services. We make these services available to students of class 9, 10, 11 and 12, in addition to a holistic, 360 degree guidance service that is made accessible to undergraduate and other college students. We further extend our guidance to private schools, non-profit organisations, governments and CSRs so that they can improve the quality of education and pedagogy by relying on our services. Hence, we provide the following services.

Career Counselling and Guidance

        With good quality counselling and guidance, we introduce students to their interests and personalities. We match these to the most compatible career paths tailored to each student’s needs.

Psychometric Analysis

         Our psychometric tests assess students’ cognitive abilities and personalities to analyse their adaptability to various professions of their choice. When these tests are taken at different life stages, they assist people in taking the right career decisions.

College Application Guidance

        Applying in good colleges is a complicated process that require an organised approach. Whether you want to apply to universities in India or abroad, we bring counselling services that ease you into the application process.

Scholarship Management

       Our experts assist you in obtaining competitive scholarships for a successful academic and professional journey.

Career Counsellor Training

        With several years of experience in the same, we train you to excel at counselling.

Teacher Training

         We bring to you the most cutting-edge pedagogical and transferable skills that make for innovative classroom teaching.