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Study Visa in Singapore

For studying in Singapore, students need to apply for a student pass that allows them to enter in the country. The procedure is mostly done by the institute that the student has applied to. The Student Immigration and Checkpoint Authority (SICA). It is advisable that the application for the student pass must be submitted between one to two months before the student requires the pass and the relevant course commences. Every applicant to the programme submits a Visa processing fee of $30 with the application to the university. Further, students are also charged specific insurance fees.

Several documents are necessary for obtaining the study pass. Students require a valid passport, complete application forms for the Visa, receipt of payment, the offer letter from the institute, two passport-sized photographs of the student, bank statements, fixed deposit receipts or a bank loan document, relevant test scores and transcripts in addition to proof of payment procedures for tuition and living costs. Do note that the passport must be valid for at least three months following the study period in Singapore.

The university will register the student on the Student’s Pass On-Line Application & Registration (SOLAR) system online. Following this, students can use the portal to submit the eForm 16. Students must have the relevant login details provided by the university, their passport details and information regarding their resident address and telephone in Singapore, in addition to the applicant’s email address and a passport sized photograph. These have to be printed out and submitted to the relevant authority. The spouses and children of graduate research students will be allowed a 4-week Social Visit Pass at the airport up on application. Students who have received the Visa can work up to 16 hours a week on the Visa. In addition to this, students can extend their stay following the completion of their studies for a year to look for employment in the country. They will receive a one-year visit pass for the same.