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What is Careeanomics foreign education counseling?

Careeanomics is an organization that helps students in fulfilling their education objectives. Conceived by a group of educationists, the consultancy has been engaged in the service of counseling and guiding students who wish to gain admission in universities in USA and Canada. Over the last eighteen years, Careeanomics (Formerly AAA) has been successful in placing over 2400 students in some of the premier management and engineering schools abroad. We are driven by the philosophy of being a mentor, motivator and guide to our students helping them achieve their career aspirations.
Foreign education in India has taken a great stride and gained immense popularity in the recent past. Our experience shows students seek information on the options available in USA and Canadian Universities. We are here to provide every information related to admissions abroad.

How can Careeanomics help me?

Students face a problem in selecting the Universities to apply to. The selection problem is compounded by the fact that there are more than 300 good Universities available in US and Canada offering higher education.

Careeanomics bridges this knowledge gap. We help right from the selection of exam, its preparation, best universities to apply as per your interests, admission counseling, visa assistance, preparation of documents, acquiring scholarships and part-time jobs, providing information on surviving abroad and so on.

Who is Nitil Gupta?

Nitil Gupta is the director of Abroad Admission Advisor and has been an international educational counselor since 2002. He has been actively engaged in providing counseling to Indian students aspiring to complete higher education from top ranking Universities of USA and Canada.  Till date he has helped more than 2400 students from various Indian schools like IIT Kharagpur, IIT Mumbai, IIT Roorkee, NIT Surathkal, IIT BHU, NIT Jalandhar, SGSITS Indore, IIITM Gwalior etc to get admissions in various US and Canadian Universities. 

What does the counseling program include?

  • Selection of universities,
  • Profile enrichment,
  • Application Process (like Essays, SOP, LORs),
  • VISA documentation and VISA interview,
  • Pre-departure orientation and
  • Assistance in getting Bank Loans,
  • Alternative security assistance with free campus training (For GRE students)

What is the total number of sessions provided to each student?

We have a limited number of seats available in each program to provide maximum benefits to our students. The number of sessions is unlimited and can be conducted in person, over phone or Skype as per your convenience with prior appointments.

What courses can you guide me for?

We will guide you in PhD, Graduate and Undergraduate programs in various fields like Management, Engineering, Science, Biotechnology, Medicine etc. Mr. Nitil Gupta goes the extra mile to help his students to get assistantship and as a result, majority of his students secure full scholarship before they join.

Will you help me with scholarships?

Yes, 80% of our students receive admits along with scholarships in the form of Assistantship (Teaching Assistantship, Research Assistantship - Amount in the range of Rs 8 lakhs per annum to 25 lakhs per annum) from US schools like Yale School of Management (IVY League University), Duke(Fuqua) School of Management, University of Southern California, Georgia Institute of technology, Syracuse University, University of Maryland- College Park ,Penn State University, University of Wisconsin Madison, New York University, Ohio State University, Texas A &M college station, Cornell University, University of Nebraska Lincoln, University of Kentucky, Ohio University, University of Tennessee, Worcester Polytechnic, University of Rochester, North Carolina State University, Northeastern University, University of Illinois, Chicago, University of Texas Dallas, University of Missouri Columbia, University of Florida, University of British Columbia, Toronto University, Alberta University and many more. 

Should I take the GRE or the GMAT? (For Master’s Program)

GMAT is specifically for management courses and a few MS courses while GRE is for all the other courses. To know what would be the appropriate choice for you, discuss your profile with our counselor through a free initial counseling session.

What is PCS (For Exam Preparation)?

PCS is Personal Counseling Session. We strongly believe that an average intellectual person doesn’t need classroom coaching to appear for the GRE/ GMAT/ SAT or any such entrance test. A counselor who provides timely guidance with a gentle push along with appropriate study material, concept-wise worksheets, guidance to prepare for exam, exam strategies is the right formula to crack the tests. PCS is designed for this guidance.

What are your students’high scores due to PCS?

Highest GRE Score from his PCS: 330/340
Highest TOEFL Score from his PCS: 115/120
Highest GMAT Score from his PCS: 740/800
Highest IELTS Score from his PCS: 8 bands
Highest SAT score from his PCS: 1500/2400.

How much does it cost?

We have different packages as per your requirement. To know more, do contact our counselor.

How can I pay?

You can make payment online by Internet banking or by check. To know more, contact our counselor.