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11th And 12th

At this stage, students have already opted for a preliminary stream to pursue in Class 11 and 12. Here, students immerse themselves in the stream of their choice but often remain unaware of their future career prospects. Even if they possess knowledge of the same, many remain indecisive in the face of multiple career options. Some other students may opt for university education in a subject outside their stream. In all these and other cases, our career counselling and guidance will assist students in choosing the right courses in University. At this point, we conduct psychometric tests to assess students’ cognitive capability and personality and find courses that they are most compatible with. Further, students may be required to take various competitive exams at several levels to be eligible to study their respective courses. We familiarise them with these processes and assist them with the same. By supplementing psychometric tests with students’ goals, interests and preferences, we lead them to potentially successful career paths. We assist you in the following.

  • In opting for University courses that best fit your aspirations and capabilities.
  • In achieving goals that would launch you on a career path.
  • In gaining clarity of intent while opting for the field of study.
  • In defining long-term career goals by choosing the right courses in University as the first step.