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Career Counselling And Guidance

We provide customised career counselling to our students and clients keeping in mind the specific requirements of each age group and occupational cluster we work with. We believe that early and structured career counselling and guidance directed towards the right age group is extremely beneficial in organizing clear career paths and goals for individuals. We cater to groups that range from classes 8 to 10, 11 to 12, undergraduate students and mid-career professionals.

Career Counselling is an extremely beneficial service and has been recognised by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as a service that provides assistance to students and professionals in gaining better insight and self-awareness of their interests, values, abilities and personality styles. A classic case involves students after Class 12 who have a good competitive percentage that is accepted by both medical and engineering professions. At this point, career counselling can help match these students’ interests and personalities to the appropriate field such that they may not be led to make an ill-informed choice.

Further, career-decision making is not simply limited to children in schools and colleges but is a process that can be applicable to the life of a person at any age.

The decisions taken by students during Classes 8, 9 and 10 are foundational in nature and extremely important for directing a good career path. During these years, students decide to choose a stream of study that will both define and limit their future career choices. There have been cases where students find out several years after their education that they have chosen the wrong career path. Switching between subjects becomes difficult at this stage as the foundational subjects chosen after Class 10 may not match with the individual’s current aspirations. This is precisely where we come in with early-life career counselling and guidance to assist students in picking the right streams following Class 10. By coordinating students’ aspirations and interests with their abilities and personality traits we lead students to career paths that would provide the most benefits. In doing so, we encourage our students to dream big. We tailor these dreams and match them to professions that can bring success to the lives of these students at a tender age.

For Class 11 and 12 students, career counselling and guidance is specialised and launches one directly into a career path. While Classes 8 to 10 are foundational, decisions made in Classes 11 and 12 are especially relevant as they are the first step in choosing a specialised career. For instance, a student who has studied in the science stream in Class 11 and 12 will now have to pick a specific option from a range of career choices like engineering, medicine, scientific research etc. While the choices in specialisations abound, students have only a limited knowledge of the options before them. To assist them in picking a suitable choice, career guidance and counselling at this stage becomes an indispensable service. For undergraduate and postgraduate students, career counselling is an important service in an extremely competitive world. During these stages in students’ careers the competition becomes especially stiff and career guidance and counselling can assist students in navigating the world of higher education in India and abroad. Each option has varied paths that need to be taken in order to achieve progress. Hence, students at these levels benefit extensively through a step-by-step career counselling process that helps them reach specific goals and launches them into the job market. At this stage, students must also take efficient financial decisions and leading career counsellors guide students through this.

Career counselling is especially important for mid-career professionals. In the past decade, several industries have seen dynamic technological changes that have surfaced as exciting challenges in professional life. In the face of these changes, career counselling can assist mid-career professionals in enhancing their skills and choosing the right professional and educational options in advancing their careers.