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International High School Abroad

Education today is not simply about academics but has extended to include a holistic experience for students. By studying abroad in grades 11 and 12, several students choose a holistic educational experience that contributes to their academic and life-skills development. It is said that this experience can open the minds of students like no other experience can. Further, studying abroad can create several opportunities for students in the future. Further, studying abroad in high-school is an asset when a child applies for college admission in the future. It shows that students have the capability to be independent thinkers and gain perspective of various cultures. This proves to be an advantage even in childrens’ future professional careers.

In the USA, students complete their 11th and 12th standards and give their SATs/ACTs towards the end of the 11th standard. These are similar to the board examinations that students give in India. In addition to regular subjects like mathematics, english, social science and the like, high schools in the USA also expose students to specialisations like journalism, creative arts, entrepreneurship and the like. For students looking to eventually attend college in the United States, finishing high school in the USA can bring them closer to this goal by reducing a number of formalities that international students have to complete. We assist students in introducing high school education options in the USA, in selecting subjects and in gaining admission into good schools.

In the United Kingdom, Classes 11 and 12 are called sixth form college and students opt for giving the A Levels examination which is equivalent to the Class 12 board examinations in India. Students opt for three to five subjects in their sixth form, depending on their academic strength and goals. Indian students opting for sixth form college will have to apply to private schools in the UK. Here, students will have the advantage of being offered a variety of subjects with a personal tutor assigned for every student. Students choosing to pursue further studies in the UK may find it especially advantageous to study their Class 11 and 12 in a sixth form school. We assist students in identifying these interests and in applying to the relevant schools.

Students can opt for similar schools in Europe in which they can pursue class 11 and 12. Schools in Spain and Italy also offer an additional language component where students can better understand the language in depth and hence develop a new lens on other cultures. Another great option for students looking to study Class 11 and 12 abroad is Canada. Canadian schools are open to international students and hence represent children from several cultural backgrounds. Canadian public schools accept international students and children can opt to study in either English or French. Private schools are often boarding schools and are affiliated with boards like the International baccalaureate, in addition to the Canadian school system. Students opting for the same will be guided through the application process and subject choices by our leading career counsellors.