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Study in USA

The USA is a destination that several students look to for university education during their undergraduate and postgraduate years. Universities in the USA have high academic standards and a demanding schedule that moulds students into leaders in their field of study. The quality of education in these universities allows international students to bring this excellence back to their home countries. Further, universities in the USA embrace the diversity among their students. It hence becomes an excellent place for inter-cultural dialogue and study. Students often find comfort in peers with similar backgrounds while simultaneously engaging those from other backgrounds. For international students, additional support is provided by universities in the form of foundational courses, workshops and the like that make these universities attractive and accessible to international students. The university support centres also attempt to increase students’ stay in the USA post their studies so that they can gain work experience at successful companies in the country. It can also be noted that universities in the USA keep abreast of the latest technological developments so that students can experience an advanced, collaborative classroom experience. Students can bring this experience in the latest technology to their future work. Further, instruction methods are kept innovative so that students can immerse themselves into the learning process. Students are taught to be self-motivated and attend classes out of interest and compulsion. All of this brings accountability into the future professional life of the students.

For undergraduate education in the USA, it is suggested that the student begins their search at least 12 to 18 months prior to the admission process. This ensures that students choose the right colleges and majors. A Bachelor degree in the U.S spans four years. While students choose a major field of study, they can additionally take classes in several varied fields of their interest. Each course carries a certain amount of credits and these are accumulated to complete the number of credits that are required to graduate. The most important component of gaining admission into an undergraduate course in the USA is the successful completion of standardised tests like the SATs or ACTs. In addition to the general test, students might be required to give subject tests depending on the majors that they are applying for.

Several students opt for the USA as a graduate study destination. In addition to the application fee, students are required to submit their previous transcripts, Statement of Purpose (SoP), an English Language Proof Test like the TOEFL or IELTS. In addition to this, several specializations require that students have completed the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). Graduate international education in the USA is expensive but high-achieving students can secure financial assistance by the academic institution or secure external funding and scholarships. Most Masters courses in the USA span 2 years. Postgraduate education also includes admission into PhD courses or integrated MA-PhD courses across universities in the USA. A PhD in the USA is an immersive experience where internationally acclaimed pioneering research is brought to the table for students to engage themselves in. Gaining admission to a PhD programme is, however, an extremely competitive process. Several students opt for career counselling and guidance during this process. While PhD study in the USA is expensive, many students receive full funding and an additional stipend to support them for the course of their study. It takes about five to six years to finish a PhD in the USA.

Students who wish to pursue a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) find it especially advantageous to pursue their studies in the USA. MBAs in the USA are popular as they involve a rigorous curriculum that develop students’ interpersonal skills like leadership and sympathy in addition to cutting edge industrial skills. Students applying for an MBA have to take GMAT and TOEFL/IELTS as graduate admission tests. Some universities accept GRE instead of GMAT. These courses last for two years and students can specialize in Finance, Consulting, Entrepreneurship and the like. It is recommended that students must build a varied resume that in addition to GMAT scores, includes volunteering and work experience. Career counselling can help students and professionals achieve their goals of gaining admission into a good quality MBA programme in the USA.