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Summer Programs Abroad

Several colleges in the USA and Canada provide summer school options for high school students or students just finishing Class 12. These programmes are six to eight weeks in length and contribute to the skill development of the student. They are a great addition to a students’ college application. Several of these programmes add necessary skills to a student’s resume or college application and can assist students in mastering important subjects. Programmes like the Stanford University Mathematics Camp (SUMaC) are aimed at students who are interested in mathematics and aim to pursue a career in the same. Students engage in advanced mathematics courses both through individual learning and group activities. Students are also asked to submit a research project before peers at the end of the programme. SImilar programmes like the Science Internship Programme (SIP), Summer Academy for Maths and Science (SAMS), JCamp and the like are excellent summer schools that teach students specific skill sets.

For children seeking self-development and exposure after the 10th grade, summer programmes like Brown University’s Brown Leadership Institute can be a great programme offering liberal arts and science courses. For young women in high school, MIT’s Women’s Technology Programme is a great option for female high school students to be trained by MIT graduate students and gain experience in the field of engineering.

Several of these summer programmes are offered for students after grades 10, 11 and 12 by Canadian Universities. These programmes offer both an overview of college life and a holistic educational experience. Programmes like the McGill Summer Academy and UBC Future Global Leaders Programme are excellent summer programmes for high school students. The McGill Summer Academy involves academic courses in sought after subjects like neuroscience, economics, international relations etc. In addition to this, students are exposed to the life and culture in Montreal. On the other hand, the UBC Future Global Leaders Programme where several academic programmes are taught by professors at University of British Columbia. The programme that provides a university experience to high school students caters to children from about 45 countries and students can socialise with them all for a culturally rich experience. Taking part in these programmes helps students gain exposure to the university of their choice and evaluate whether they prefer it as a study destination.

Our leading career counsellors assist students in choosing and enrolling in summer programmes that can expose them to a range of cultural and academic experiences and advance their career.