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Study in Australia

For students seeking to study in the English-speaking world, Australia is an excellent destination for pursuing higher studies. Australia is known to be a friendly, easy-going country that provides high quality education to its students. Further, studying in Australia exposes one to a culturally diverse and rich environment that students can gain various perspectives from. In addition to this, 30% of Australians are born overseas, hence making the country one of the most diverse, cosmopolitan destinations for study. The destination is attractive to international students as the cost of study is lower compared to the USA and UK and students are allowed to work part-time to fund their studies. International students can work for 20 hours in a week. Several scholarships are also available to international students. Following their studies, students can apply for a two to four year work permit and extend their stay. The country is technologically advanced and encourages and exposes its students to high quality scientific research and hence attracts students who are looking to take advantage of these resources. Australian degrees further claim to be one of the most innovative and creative degrees in the world, teaching students to become agile thinkers and carry this skill to their work. For nature lovers and those that study the natural world, Australia makes for an environment that abounds in long stretches of beaches and the flora and fauna of national parks.

Students who opt to pursue their undergraduate education in Australia can gain their degree in an average of three to four years depending on the course. Research degrees often take four years. Students can pursue their undergraduate degree in medical and pre-medical fields, engineering, social sciences, the arts and other professional courses. Students can gain an honours’ degree by gaining a specific CGPA and/or undertaking a fourth year of Bachelor’s study and engaging in research. The requirements for the same vary according to the institution one is applying to. For entry into a Bachelor’s degree, one is required to have completed a secondary school qualification similar to an Australian year 12 certificate. Students whose first language is not English must submit an English Language Proficiency Test like the IELTS or TOEFL.

There are about 43 universities that offer graduate degrees in Australia with the oldest being University of Sydney. In addition to taught and research degrees, students can also opt for the vocational degrees offered by universities in Australia. The academic year in Australia begins in February and applications must be submitted in the previous year. Further, for students choosing to change their field of study, Australian universities offer ‘change of direction’ masters that first train students in gaining a foundation in the new course of study. Most Master’s degrees take about 18 months to be completed. Generous funding and scholarship options are provided to international students. Several students also opt for PhD study in Australia as universities here are known for their world renowned, cutting-edge research facilities, resources and faculty. Students can take part in nuanced PhD programmes where they study subjects like marine biology. Further, Australian PhD seekers, several universities offer the option of gaining the qualification without a viva-voce defence of the PhD. Each student will be assigned a supervisor. While most degrees are purely research-oriented, a few taught modules may be added to the curriculum. A full-time PhD generally takes three years to be completed. Several PhD projects are pre-funded and provide students with a stipend. For others, several scholarships are available for international students. For students wishing to pursue an MBA in Australia, most universities require a GMAT score. In addition to this, students require a Bachelor’s degree and several universities ask for up to three years of work experience at a managerial post. The University of Sydney and the University of Melbourne offer high ranking, world-class MBA programmes. Several scholarships categorised by merit or talent are offered by Australian universities. Our Career counselling and guidance can assist students in securing a position in the above programmes in Australia.